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Amar Bose- What Indian Professors can learn?

I wish IITs could have produced some teachers such as Amar Bose.And if I am wrong, let someone correct me. Bose was the only Indian name in US who was a great academician but for persons like me known for … Continue reading

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Presidential Debate: Utopian Promises

Who knows with the rest of the family there we two also may end up as American unless India bestow on us duel citizenship.  With that in mind I keep watching certain developments in US. Naturally, these days, the forthcoming … Continue reading

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Air India: Agonizing Hours and a Happy Ending

On August 19, 2012, we left for India after a very happy 4 months stay in US. Shannon had bought the tickets of American Airlines for up to JFK, New York Airport. Thereon, we had already the tickets bought through … Continue reading

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US Media and India

I am not one who will bother if Oprah Winfrey makes some more nonsensical remarks about India and Indians to entertain her audience. It is obviously clear that the media in US prefer publishing hot stories from India. Americans may … Continue reading

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Raleigh and Gandhi

Saturday, September 25 was the birthday of Zach. It was an off day too for all. Zach is two now. Shannon had arranged a visit to Marbles Museum, a museum for kids in Raleigh that is the capital of North … Continue reading

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Troubling Tuesday on Amtrak

At JFK Airport with Rajesh, Shephali and Svanik At Little Neck residence of Rajesh As Anand stated, I was the first from extended Sharma family who was taking a train to travel a major distance in US. I don’t know … Continue reading

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Flying to New York, new Airport, and Air India

Is it not strange that I was asked to start at 7PM from Noida to catch a flight of Air India for New York that was scheduled to depart at 00.25AM on September 18, 2010? I was to take Yamuna … Continue reading

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Obama’s Forthcoming India’s Visit: Some Wishes

I don’t know if I shall be correct if I say that Obama may be creating a record of a sort to become the first President of US to visit India in his first term. Is it the extension of … Continue reading

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From California to Carolina North

I spent some quality months in Pleasanton house of Anand in 2008. I liked the house. I loved its deck in the courtyard and the Santi Kunj Corner created by Shannon where I had lot of fun with Emma. My … Continue reading

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Desis that Make News

With increasing Indian immigrants’ presence in all major countries, the news of their success stories regularly appearing in local or foreign media invite different reactions. Some please rather excite, some make morose, and some even pain badly. But here I … Continue reading

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