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Powering Bihar, Alternative Route

The centre keeps putting in costly ads providing its success reports on ‘Bharat Nirman’ including that of rural electrification. When I visited Pipra last March, I noticed a board declaring Pipra already covered in Rajiv Gandhi Rural electrification scheme. In … Continue reading

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Bihar: Lack of Capacity for Post Matric Education

Nitish has brought about almost a revolution in primary education. The pink buildings all around even in the remote villages are those new temples built or refurbished in last few years. However, 100% enrolment with no dropouts is still a … Continue reading

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Raju, Raja and Kani- Crime, Punishment and Destiny

Years ago as a child, I read a story of Valmiki, the poet of the great epic Ramayana. Valmiki was a bad man. He looted and robbed. Once he met a hermit and tried to take away his belongings. The … Continue reading

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Bihar: Need of Water Conservation

I get amazed when I hear the news of water level in various parts of Bihar going down and wells for drinking water getting dried. It is happening in a state with large number of famous rivers flowing through it. … Continue reading

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A Conversation between an IITian and an Aspirant

OP Khanna, my friend from Bangalore mailed me this story. On a Sunday, it makes a good reading. Many a times, we hardly realize the worth of the man with whom we happen to talk. You enjoy and have your … Continue reading

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Mamata Miracle- Can She bring back Bengal’s old glory?

Mamata Banerjee fought as an indefatigable one-man army for three decade against huge and brute left, bruised physically and defeated many a times. But what a performance she gave in a memorable final assault that will be historic in every … Continue reading

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Why is Corporate India Greedy for Land?

For me who was attached with Hindustan Motors for almost 36 years, any good news however small it is becomes exciting. I was very happy to read such a headline in Mint- ‘Hindustan Motors posts Rs75 lakh net profit in … Continue reading

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