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Manmohan Singh got installed as Prime Minister of India in 2004. Most of the intellectuals sighed relief. They were perhaps not prepared to see a country with Sonia as Prime Minister. Many including myself thought the model of putting the … Continue reading

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Budget – An Appeal to Pranab Babu and an Anguish

For last so many years I have been watching this exercise of the government. Over the years, the majority in salaried class looks at it with a great hope. But every time it comes with some drops in the empty … Continue reading

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Manmohan, Media and Opposition

I watched the whole of Manmohan’s press interactions today. He kept on emphasizing that he is not a lame duck prime minister. Manmohan Singh vowed to stay in office to press ahead with reforms. I shall wish the people to … Continue reading

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A letter to Sonia Gandhi

I saw Chetan Bhagat’s letter to Sonia Gandhi and if that reaches Sonia Gandhi I will like to add some more point to the letter. Can she take an initiative to see that Congress members in every constituency start working … Continue reading

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Why doesn’t Manmohan Resign or Retire

With all types of scams appearing almost daily, any self respecting prime minister would have resigned, After all as a prime minster of the country, he owns the responsibility. If one of his cabinet ministers has been corrupt, the prime … Continue reading

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Anti-people Business Houses

It appears over the years the short term gains and profit orientation have so much gotten into the mindset of the business community, particularly the those at top of the pack that it hardly bother about the wretched condition of … Continue reading

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Politics with Dinkar

The name of the ‘rashtra kavi’ (national poet) Dinkar has appeared in media and this time not for any posthumous award or celebration of any anniversary. It relates a complaint or grievance by Dinkar’s 80-year-old daughter-in-law Hemant Devi and grandson … Continue reading

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Can there be an Egypt in India any day?

When a national weekly such as ‘India Today’ with so huge a circulation in many local languages beside English publishes someone on its cover page, it must be a serious story getting noticed by almost all in the administrative setup … Continue reading

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