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India’s Demographic Dividend

The government has been trying to upgrade the skill building institutes of the country since its 2004 budget. And in Budget 2008, one more establishment has been announced. This time it plans to set up a non-profit skill development corporation … Continue reading

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An Indian Guru- Expectation Belied

It happened last Tuesday. I had seen the welcome banners for Sri Sri Ravi Shankar as I entered Sector 40 enroute the park where I take my morning walk. I could understand that he must be attending some function of … Continue reading

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Agriculture Sector- Some Critical Issues-1

Over the years, the agriculture sector contribution in GDP has reduced to only 18.6 per cent. However, as reported, Agriculture employs 60 per cent of the workforce. The number may be debatable and doubted. However, many of issues reflected in … Continue reading

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Speech Recognition- Technology Brings Together

Anand has helped us in getting the web cam and the necessary software installed in my laptop. Today perhaps we are connected in best possible manner. Every week more than once we can talk and see each other on real … Continue reading

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Tata Motors in Global Top Leaugue

For last few months, the auto industry was waiting with suspense. Today finally Tata Motors have made the deal. It acquired prestigious Jaguar, Land Rover of UK from Ford Motors for $2.3 billion- less than half what Ford paid for … Continue reading

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Farmers’ Real Owes and Long-term Solution

Is Rs 60,000 crore loan waiver or giveaway the answer for the suicides or miseries of the farmers in India? Can Rs 90,000 crore subsidy for the fertilizers provide real benefits to the marginal farmers? Why does not the government … Continue reading

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English for Employability

Saneli is a manager in one of the five big IT companies of the country. She was with us last Sunday. For long I wanted to know the real stories of the young new employees that join IT sector and … Continue reading

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Holy Holi Holee

This is one day when I get into reverse mode and my thought invariably moves down the memory lane. I was never a great Holi enthusiast. But I enjoyed it. From the childhood days, I get reminded of the big … Continue reading

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Noida – Can we do something more?

Yesterday, on return from the doctor, I found the Noida Authority (NA) men carrying out the repairing of the service road in front of our residences. I couldn’t understand how and why had it chosen those places. The contractor had … Continue reading

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And How Can Indian Press Be Free?

I relish Khushwant Singh’s column in Hindustan Times, because he provides a different viewpoint, at least in some, that makes you light but think a little. After going through his Delhi, a fusion of history cum fiction, I did not … Continue reading

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