Present Political Turmoil: Real or Imaginary

It is interesting to know that blogs and twits have become so important today. The media is making it happen. One recent entry of LK Advani has perhaps stirred the hornet’s nest and brought in many possible candidates for the highest political post in fray. With the distance dead through internet, I am enjoying the development to the same extent even in USA as much I would have experienced there.

Has LK Advani, himself an aspirant of the position of the prime minister of the country, just expressed his academic views on the political scenario after 2014 election through his blog? Is his prophecy of a non-Congress, non-BJP prime minister real?

Every sane Indian must be wishing to see one of the two national political parties to win the general election in 2014. However, the dearth of a clear cut strong leader in both camps is real and painful.

It would have been easier for Congress to announce its obvious candidate, but perhaps those who matter are not confident to outright declare that.

The opposition camp unfortunately has a little too many aspirants, some even capable but not outright acceptable. The one, whom the Corporate India and perhaps the Generation Next (as some media poll suggests) would wish to come, lacks the acceptance from the secular ally as well as the many in his own party leadership at the top.

It may be unfortunate but perhaps the major minority community that will decide the fate of the politics of the country will not allow the major opposition party to win a clear cut majority or to bring more allies on its side. It’s not going to change without some miracle or the cost of the prime minister ship.

And the Manmohan Model might have worked for the ruling family but not for the overall development of the country. However, as usual the ruling party though dynastic is better placed with its secular image that helps more and more allies that depend on the minority vote bank for its survival.

However, the alarming rise of family ruled regional parties all over the country, be it of Abdullah or Karunanidhi, Yadavs or Pawars, or the ruling parties of the individual autocrats, be it Naidu, Nitish, Mayawati, Mamta or Jailalita is more sickening for those who still dream of a superpower India.

But I foresee the present government doing everything to make the ruling party win with many popular attractive offerings and its announcements to the vote banks of the country such as loan waivers, interest cuts, tax concessions, mass employment, free health care, doles, subsidies and even gifts such as free cell phones. Will the voters be smart enough to keep the national interest in mind while voting to elect the right candidate who can make India’s development going at its potential speed to take it in the league of few at the top?

Will the Kejriwals and millions wishing in his way group together again and make the country corruption free? Will the intellectuals contribute to find the right way out? Can India ponder over the possibility of electing president and vice-president without any party affiliation? Can the prime minister get the freedom to select the best persons as his ministers to run the country without any reservation and quota for caste, community or region?

However,I wish the oldies in arena such as Advani, Bal Thakre, Karunanidhi, Manmohan, Keshubhai and many such to take total sanyas from politics and leave the platform for the youngers to run or rule.

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