A Letter for Akhilesh

I am really elated with the news of Yamuna Expressway, the Expressway to Eighth Wonder, finally getting operative. Many have written about this expressway and sent mails to me even here in US as they know my interest in it. And if everything goes right, after our return we shall go for a drive on it up to Agra. I have promise to keep with my friend, Mr. Arora.

I wish you would have been gracious enough to give the due credit to Mayawati for pushing the project by mentioning her name; Mayawati had also planned another one named Ganga Expressway that as reported has been abandoned now. That would have changed the face of the state, UP by connecting the backward east with the developed west. As you have already taken up few more expressways such as one between Lucknow and Agra, please revive the Ganga Expressway too.

You may leave the politicking to your dad and uncles who keep on coming in news for wrong reasons? Please focus on the development such as education, healthcare, industrialization, and urbanization. Though the previous government promised special development of the major cities of Mathura, Brindaban, Varanai, and Allahabad, not much has happened. Infrastructures in these cities are in shambles. And these ancient historic cities are filthy in every respect.

As I understand, five townships will come along the Yamuna expressway. Each must grow as model residential, commercial and knowledge hubs. Similar towns must be on each expressway that gets developed. Education hub with all levels and types of institutions for training and skilling of the next generation will cater to the needs of the hinterland.

However, the focus must be on getting the projects executed and executed well to world-class standard. As you have the educational background, the people of the state will like to see them happen rather than hearing about them like the promises for the vote banks. Every project; however big it may be can be completed in five years with diligent planning and efficient implementation.

However, the most important task for the development is to be in its rural areas. The benefits of education and healthcare must reach to every hut of even the remotest village of the state. Please work for make education apolitical. Let every child of the Muslim, SC, ST and the pours in other caste be well educated and skilled. Most of the problems of poverty will itself disappear.

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