Alumni Meet of IIT, Kharagpur- My Views

I wish I would have joined the meet of alumni of IIT, Kharagpur of batch that passed out in 1961. Even the mere imagination of some old men in seventies getting together is pretty exciting.

Over the years, I have kept myself in contact with some-TR Murlidhar has recently visited us and stayed with us in Noida. OP Khanna has remained close to us. Perhaps it is so because all of us worked also for Hindustan Motors. I have also kept myself in touch with Prof BB Pandey and his research. I would have loved to meet with those around my roll number ME297 or those who were in Prof. Seyfarth class with me.

I would love to propose the creation of a special fund from the donations from the batch mates, at least a minimum of Rs 1, 00, 000 from each person. I wonder if we could collect about Rs 2 crore.

But I propose the fund for a little different purpose. Many IITians are not equally fortunate as many of the highly affluent ones. The fund can provide assistance to such unfortunate ones if there are any. The assistance may also come from the fund, particularly if they are finding difficulty in supporting the higher education of their children.

Its unfortunate the society keeps on talking about the successful ones and never bother about those who were cursed by the destiny. Should not we do something about them? Will we make a beginning?

I have few reasons for not going to the meet organized by IIT, Kharagpur. Yamuna will not allow me to do that. Moreover I shall feel bad if in Calcutta where we had a house till last June, I am to go to stay in a hotel.

Moreover, the inclement weather, the fog makes any journey at this time of year difficult for the unpredictable troubles.

Further, I have gone through the list of the batch mates that are attending. I would have wished some who were very close to me would have also joined.

Moreover, what is the fun if I can’t meet any of the professors whom I loved?

But let me confirm that I shall pay my Rs 1, 00, 000 if my proposal is accepted.

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