Why Didn’t Nitish Blog after Victory?

Nitish won election rather Lalu and Ram Vilash lost. Last week I have been scanning digital media. Impressive articles have come about the Nitish with expectations, suggestions, and cautionary advices. Columnists in national media such as Outlook, Hindustan Times, Times of India, Business Standard, Mint, Indian Express as well as many other individuals including this writer too have covered almost every issue.

I, for one wish the new government must make the bureaucrats work innovating ways and means to create real jobs in large number for the young generation with high expectations.

But I wish the focus is placed on quick informal education of the adults and women too that can make them honest working class.

While talking about Bihar from New York, I thought Nitish would have added a new entry in his blog that was so popular. I went to the site. Unfortunately, Nitish has not yet found time to thank those who voted and helped to build his image as followers of his blog. Is there a reason for this?

Bihar is today about regional pride with caste and community loosing its priority for voters who have been judged as enlightened lot preferring development. Will it be so in day to day affairs of the government departments too? Can Nitish and his team work and reinforce the perception of the change? Can Nitish bring the power and industry without an unprecedented all out support from centre and big business houses?

Can Premji consider Bihar as special case and help it through his foundation? Will Amit Mitra get some of his friends to invest in Bihar?

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