Closed Taj Mahal on Friday

TR Murlidhar and his wife are on holidays in India. They are with us for few days. It’s meeting after 42 years, as they immigrated to UK and then to USA. They are now US citizens. On Friday, December17, 2010, they drove to Agra from my residence in Noida. The main purpose was to see Taj Mahal, the wonder of the world.

I was shocked when they returned in night without seeing Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal was closed on Friday. Murlidhar has seen it many years ago, but for Indira, his wife, it was the first visit to Agra and long cherished dream to see it. One can imagine her reaction and agony. But I found her brave. I could only solace her by uttering morosely, “Next Time”.

Can one think of the logic behind this closure? Is it for allowing prayer in the Masjid in the premises? Is it another appeasement policy and wonderful way we demonstrate our secularism?

Is it not a great example of Incredible India?

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