Ratan Tata: The Beginning of Battle

Tecom 2G allocation and scam connected with it is becoming murkier and murkier every hour, if not every minute. Many are trying to come out with their own estimates of spread and depth of corruption in India.

But it has become complex with the name of Ratan Tata getting into it. I just can’t understand why Tata’s head of operation can’t take care of lobbying that it had to be done by Tata himself. Why would have Ratan talked with a shady character such as Neeira Nadia, charged with various anti-national activities ?

But very lately, the name of Ratan is appearing a little too frequently. Once he had blamed the competition for putting wrong information in press about Nano car. I had thought that was a rare statement.

Ratan’s Nano got a good review from the media and experts all over the automotive world. Unfortunately, Tata have not been able to cash on that. It couldn’t produce the number. It couldn’t wipe out the bad perception of its safety. It’s not selling in millions.

At that time too, I didn’t like Ratan’s closeness to Budhha and caustic remarks for Mamta Banerji. Is it not prudent to speak less to avoid unnecessary conflict with a press friendly statement?

Why should Ratan try to go in the good books of Congress and naming BJP?

But one thing is sure that all the industrialists can do anything to take a lead in the business they operate in.

I don’t why but I expect the industrialists too to have some ethics and go out of the way to make the poor change, get out of extreme poverty, at least get skilled and educated.

I wish Ratan to innovate something like Nano in the area of universalizing education and at least providing one skill to every children of India.

And with the front that he has started with the revelation of some, he should work seriously to root out the corruption.

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