After Living with Future Gen

We are going back to Noida today December 12, 2010 after about three months that I spent with our future Gen.

I have witnessed my grandfather’s intense love for children and I was fortunate to get the best of it. And many a times I thought it was an extension of his profession as teacher. But perhaps we all in the family have weaknesses for children that too when they are just kids. Among my five uncles, I found at least two having an exemplary fondness for kids of the family as well as for those from outside the family. Rakesh, Rajesh and Anand have the similar intensity of attachment with kids.

As I go down the memory lane, I think I missed the best time when I could have given more time and played with my own children. I was too busy with my professional assignments in Hindustan Motors with very long hours devoted for the same. Today no one can sympathize with me for that madness of mine.

As retired from active profession long ago and at this age of 71+ with nothing much to do, I am trying to get compensated the lost opportunity of the life. But here again the credit goes to my sons.

Rakesh visited us at Noida and Salt Lake when Keshav and Anvita were small kids for few days and permitted us to enjoy their short company. In 2005, we visited US and lived with Anand for almost 6 months. Rajesh’s son Svanik was just one year old. Rajesh’s apartment was nearby. We could enjoy memorable nice time whenever Svanik came with his parents to us. Soon thereafter, Rajesh visited us at Noida with Svanik. I could be in the company of Svanik.

In 2008, Shannon came to India with Emma. We moved around with Emma to Jaipur, Agra and Calcutta. Emma kept on entertaining us till they stayed. Shannon then invited us to live with them when she was expecting Zach Krish to arrive. We enjoyed the company with Emma and newly born Krish for almost two and half months in 2008.

Keshav and Anvita came to Noida last July for few days. They have grown bigger. English has created another barrier with the aged ones.

This visit to US was for Svanik, Emma and Zach. Shannon had invited us to be with Zach at his second birthday on September 25, 2010. Zach was the hero of this visit to US in 2010. I went very close to him. He is just wonderful. He likes to be pressed, hugged, kissed and loved still, when he is not in off mood.

Very soon after our arrival in Cary, I started bringing Zach down to our floor from his room on the first floor early morning. I kept attentively waiting for his waking up. After getting up, Zach starts talking to himself. After hearing his voice, I would go up. He would hand over his two blankets to me and raise his two hands to come in my hands. I would oblige. To start with, Emma kept a distance. But gradually she yielded and started coming closer. Evening was the best. After the dinner, we played with both, Zach and Emma. They run around and we would keep chasing them. Before going to bed, each will hug us and say goodnight. Zach was really so loving. I just can’t forget his kisses in plenty and his addressing me “Daa…Dooo…”. While I was packing, Emma came and sweetly asked me, “Can I do something for you?” I really miss them, sometimes very badly. I don’t know if we can rewind the time of a life.
When we reached New York, Svanik saw us and was hesitant to come closer. But I could gradually bring Svanik nearer. I designed a game for him. He comes moving towards me with a straight plastic sword and aims at the opening of the barrel of the toy revolver that I held in my hand at the other end. Mostly, he fails but he keeps on doing that. He always scores in millions that he himself decides. For last two three days, we are having sword fights after he comes back from the school.

The visit to Statue of Liberty and yesterday to Times Square brought Svanik nearer.

It was a wonderful time with them but a Sayonara is a universal truth.

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