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On An American Independence Day, 2012

On its eve, I asked Anand to tell me about the significance of the day and how it is celebrated. I don’t know if I got satisfied. However, Anand and Shannon are excited as they can have fireworks here in … Continue reading

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Joyous June, 2012 in US

We didn’t only escape the intolerable heat waves of Noida, many things added to our joy in this month, June 2012 that will remain memorable for a long time in the remaining life. It was a month with the birthday … Continue reading

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When in US 2012

It was in 1993 that I visited US for the first time. It was a business trip. I could stay with Rakesh for few days. Alpana was in the university in Dallas. I was there in her school and its … Continue reading

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Obama’s US and My Expectations

Media in last few days had many advisers for the heads of the two great democracies of the world today, when they meet in New Delhi. I have my own views how Americans and Indians go ahead. I started my … Continue reading

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US, China and Emergence of India

Every time I have come to US, I found it getting more and more dependent on China. Most of the things in American household have Chinese level. Every doll that you see with kids is from China. Even medical aids … Continue reading

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Can India and U.S Move Together?

Obama discourages American companies to outsource to India, and moves towards a stringent policy of granting H-1B visas. American companies are still hesitant to collaborate on high tech products with its counterparts in India. USA keeps on hurting the Indians … Continue reading

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