Obama’s Love for Reva and Nano

I don’t know how to rate Obama’s visit to India. If I go by the number of times the members of parliament including Man Mohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi burst into applause, it was certainly one that made the representatives excited and happy. I don’t know if there was any whip for the applause on certain indications from the party bosses.

I still love to talk about some cars that can make India go ahead of its competitor. I got my excitement from a White House press release on Saturday that said, (through their partnership,)

“Mahindra Reva and Curtis are advancing the commercialisation and adoption of clean vehicles in India and across the globe. The tiny wonder that made a debut on Bangalore roads is going places. It’s playing in the big league that is the domain of large auto manufacturers.”

Electric/Clean transport: Motor controls designed, built and exported by New York-based Curtis Instruments are a key technology in the Mahindra-Reva electric car. Through this partnership, Mahindra Reva and Curtis are advancing the commercialization and adoption of ‘clean’ vehicles in India and across the globe.

I also read that Anand Mahindra could impress upon Obama about the great potential of this partnership. Interestingly, Chetan Maini’s Reva is now in right company of Mahindra. With its price, it can certainly be in American homes, if not for a regular means of transportation at least as car to visit burger or Donut shops in locality. However, it will require a lot of marketing.

The story of Nano that appeared in media during Obama’s visit was equally interesting. The President introduced Mr. Ratan Tata to his wife as Nano-man. And Tata made arrangement so that the lady couldn’t miss seeing Nano physically before leaving Mumbai.

Tata Motors has expressed its intention of introducing it in Western world. At home, Tata Motors are busy in improving Nano and taking the fear out of the mind of the prospective customers.

According to Jairam Ramesh, SUV users are criminals. I agree with him 500%, particularly when I see a driver taking the gas guzzler to get a loaf of bread. I wonder how many of Nano will produce emission equivalent to a SUV. I only wish that Jairam Ramesh doesn’t ban someday the mass production of Nano making it an emission risk because of high numbers. I don’t want to name a brand as Jairam has done it. It will unnecessarily hurt the manufacturer.

However, the companies manufacturing Nano or Reva have hardly done a good marketing.

None has approached me to replace my Alto with their produce.

PS: I saw again a Smart when we stopped in a restaurant while coming back from Jamestown. Here are the photographs of Nano, Reva and Smart. (Use links) Can you tell me if my expectation to see Nano and Reva in US is unrealistic, if Indian manufacturers wish to be globally competitive.

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