Bihar: Agenda Next

Month long battle for getting into the ruling chair is getting over. It must be a gruelling task for the participants. With whatever appeared in digital media that I could access from my US abode, be it by the articles of Ashok V.Desai, Raj Kumar, Yogendra Yadav or NDTV 24×7 TV show with Pranay Ray, Soopariwala and Shekhar Gupta, I predict a win for Nitish Kumar. It will also mean a death of caste and confirmation of development based politics. He will get that one more chance he had been campaigning for. And naturally the million dollars question will then be;

What Next? Will it be the end of divisive politics?

Will Bihar be transformed to a prospered peaceful Bihar in next five years? Will the employees and the officers and their family members shun the lure of ‘upari aamdani’?

Can the sons of Kariman, a dalit, build his house next to Ram Chandra Singh belonging to socalled forward class?

Or will the wait never end?

Can Bihar do that inspite of any in the government?

Will Man Mohan’s government listen to Bihar’s need more positively?

And will Lalu and Paswan go out of the politics of Bihar and shift to New Delhi?

What will be Rahul Gandhi’s plan for Bihar if his party gets less than 20 legislators in new state assembly?

Mr. Nitish Kumar must come out a clear cut time bound agenda for the development and try to achieve what he promises by the end of the fourth year.

I have only single priority still.

Let Nitish get each and every Bihari literate, educated and skilled. Let him beg borrow or even steel to get that happen.

Update from US: Cary, North Carolina November 24, 4 AM
People of Bihar is going to return Nitish with thumping majority, Bihar has again proved its real core strength. It has left the caste behind in vote politics. The defeat of Rabri Devi from both the seats is the benchmark of transforming Bihari. Nitish and his team will have to work harder to meet the aspirations of the people, particularly young men and women. Taking Bihar in the league of the developed states will require innovative approaches along with hard work of bureaucrats that are still corrupt in Bihar as one report in Economist mentioned. I wish Nitish a success and wish he really confiscates the property of corrupt officers and politicians and uses it for educational institutes as promised.

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