Corruption Crisis

It is corruption everywhere.India, the land of Gandhi, has become synonym of corruption. Some may be shedding crocodile tears, but not ready to fight this war that is holding the growth of the country and keeping India lose ground everywhere.

I don’t know if I can take the media reports as an indicator of a real rising revolts against corruption.

Ashok Chavan, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra had to resign. Kalmadi finally put in the paper. The first one did it for his involvement in Adarsh Housing scam and the second for the corruption related CWG. And Raja also could not stand against the demand of resignation for 2G scam even with the powerful support of Karunanidhi who might have been the biggest beneficiaries of the scam.

Whom should Indians give the credit for it? Is it Congress, Sonia, Man Mohan or media or court?

Sonia and Man Mohan may preach. But can they stand against the corruption? The court may embarrass even the Prime Minister, but will it expedite the process and convict the criminals fast?

Will the society boycott the criminals of corruption or honour them?

How many of the disciples of Baba Ramdev will go by his advise, ‘Shoot the corrupt’?

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