Obama’s US and My Expectations

Media in last few days had many advisers for the heads of the two great democracies of the world today, when they meet in New Delhi. I have my own views how Americans and Indians go ahead.

I started my contacts with USA with Prof Seyfarth of US in IIT days. It continued while working in Himdustan Motors too.

Interestingly, I never visited any manufacturing plants in US during those days. But I kept my personal contacts with many of the companies. There was no Internet and Google. The technical literatures provided by the American companies against my request through mail helped me immensely in making my articles interesting and informative.

I am of opinion that US and India must focus on manufacturing sector. Both can become complimentary too. American firms with its high technology R&D for manufacturing products must set up plants in India. Government in India must do everything to facilitate this. It will benefit both in creating and sustaining employment that the both wish to expand.

US and India must also go for collaborating in education and R&D more intensely. US innovators and intellectuals can learn from the challenges of educating the huge population of India and also from certain business experiments of providing healthcare facilities in India.

India must seek US assistance in achieving the crop yields and food processing sector. US still remains the largest producers of food grains. Indians must learn to make agriculture a business with marketing it as its important aspect.

During a recent visit to India, Mike Duke, Wal- Mart’s Boss, said that if India scrapped its restrictions on foreign retailers it could create 3 million jobs, cut food inflation and boost productivity. I agree to a great extent. It will be something like the boost provided to India’s auto components manufacturing sector that has come after the OEMs opened shops in India. One can see how the retail stores in US and western countries are flooded with the goods manufactured in developing as well as poor countries. Can someone imagine what happens if it ceases?

Unfortunately, the political concerns have prevailed over many decisions in India that can be solutions of the nation’s problems.

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