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Nation’s Holy Grail of Hopes

The circuses going on small screen and print media for quite some time now would have certainly damaged the image of the nation around the developed world. Most of the days, it had been disgusting to watch or go through … Continue reading

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Obama’s Love for Reva and Nano

I don’t know how to rate Obama’s visit to India. If I go by the number of times the members of parliament including Man Mohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi burst into applause, it was certainly one that made the representatives … Continue reading

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Innovative Indians: Emulate, Innovate, Scale up and Grow

Many countries-Japan, South Korea, and then China have followed the route to get into the league of developed nation. They started with emulation of the practices and systems of the developed countries, be it one from Europe or US, copied … Continue reading

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Innovating India: Hope in Air

Indians have started innovating. It’s not only Nano, the ultra cheap car; Ace, the mini-truck; or Swach, the cheapest water filter from Tatas. Indica is also not the same with which Tata Motors entered the car market years ago. One … Continue reading

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Union Budget 2010: Inclusion of An Unique Innovation

With in-between power outages, I kept on watching Pranab making his budget speech. I am doing this for many years. Perhaps it started in 90s when I was working for the corporate project planning in Hindustan Motors, as I was … Continue reading

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India Can Compete thru’ Innovations

While going through the must-read stories in technology on Techmeme, I hardly find any from Indian companies. Why have Indian companies lagged in developing some real cutting edge technological products? With all India’s image as global IT major power, why … Continue reading

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Can India Lead Through Innovations?

Many recent news reports about India and Indians make me ponder about if India can lead through innovations. The latest one giving hope came due to the person of Indian origin who shared the Nobel in chemistry this year. An … Continue reading

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India: Challenge of Innovation

According to the Booz & Company’s annual Global Innovation 1000 study, the top 80 U.S. corporate R&D spenders deployed an estimated US$80.1 billion of their $146 billion R&D funds overseas in 2007. The top 50 European companies spent $51.4 billion … Continue reading

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