Thanksgiving Day and Turkey

Today is Thanksgiving and tomorrow Black Friday when American will literally be fighting with each other in very early morning queues to empty their purses and buy many things to satisfy their ego and fill the empty spaces of their houses. Shannon is going to attempt for that.

And I am watching a nice way of celebration at home. While on hand we shall be seeing the wonderful Turkey cuisine, on the other side some of us will be testing kheer, purees and chhole. This is the globalization in action.

Anand has researched some interesting information about Turkey, the word used for the bird that occupied the main place in the celebration of Thanksgiving Day in every American household.

The Hebrew term for turkey, transliterated as tarnagol hodu, literally translates to “chicken of India”.

And the Turkish word for turkey is “hindi.”

Does it relate any way to Bharat, India that we love? Did the ancestors of Americans get this gift of this important day every year on the last Thursday of November some way from India of east, the ancient country or is it just a chance to have some Indian words attached to the meaning of Turkey?

During the morning walk yesterday, we started discussing the issue. What could have been the historical reasons for the meaning of Turkey used in Hebrews and Turkish languages?

I tried to impress upon Anand that India was one of the most developed country when others were in Stone Age. And there were a lot of immigrations two. India might have been source country. I don’t know anyone can further elaborate on it.

But what should Indians in US do on Thanksgiving Day? I suggested Keshav, my eldest grandson who called me to wish for the day that he should celebrate it for giving thanks and expressing gratitude’s to all aged in the family. I didn’t know if it was the appropriate advice and if the others from India can also follow that.

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