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Ethical Practices and Corruption

How can a person or a group of activists fight against the enormous resources of the government? Particularly, Congress, with few unscrupulous lawyers, some sycophants as its leaders and some media persons with vested interests to support, is creating a … Continue reading

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Corruption Cases:Mercenary Media’s Wrong Priorities

‘Indian Express’ doesn’t agree with Kiran Bedi’s explanation about the air bill that must be in thousands only. Unfortunately, the same newspaper dare not publish some real investigative piece on the day-light and outright loot of the biggest state of … Continue reading

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Kapil Sibal- Rhetoric, Hyperbole or Simply Bakwas

I don’t know if there is any law that can prosecute a minister that too a rising star like Kapil Sibal for spreading falsehood that he has been doing with all his vigour as the chief negotiator and the spokesman … Continue reading

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Corruption Crisis

It is corruption everywhere.India, the land of Gandhi, has become synonym of corruption. Some may be shedding crocodile tears, but not ready to fight this war that is holding the growth of the country and keeping India lose ground everywhere. … Continue reading

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