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India Can Compete thru’ Innovations

While going through the must-read stories in technology on Techmeme, I hardly find any from Indian companies. Why have Indian companies lagged in developing some real cutting edge technological products? With all India’s image as global IT major power, why … Continue reading

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Education through English vs. Mother Tongue

I am in total agreement with the views of Swaminathan Aiyar on the issue of medium of teaching at primary stage of education. I don’t know why Pratham’s recent revelation that only 48.3% of Indian children in Class 1 could … Continue reading

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Toyota’s Recalls: A Shock and A Lesson

For every one who follows auto industry and particularly manufacturing technologies and practices, shocking news about the massive recalls of its vehicles including the prestigious hybrid Prius by Toyota has caused remorse. Over decades Toyota became a benchmark for quality … Continue reading

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The ‘Litti-chokha’ and BT Brinjal

I never had any inkling that Brinjal is so important among vegetables. My grandfather used the Bangla nomenclature ‘Begun’ to express his distaste for it, as the word means ‘without any value’. As I remember, according to him, the brinjal … Continue reading

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Rural India: Affluence Knocking

India Today in its recent issue has published a heartening cover story ‘Changing face of rural India’. While one can see the glimpses of emerging India in metros and other cities of the country pretty easily, it is difficult to … Continue reading

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Bhishma vs. Arjun

Arjun is again battling against Bhishma. This is to prove how Arjun compares against Bhishma. Can Arjun win again? The Indian army christened Russian battle (T-90S) tanks as ‘Bhishma’. DRDO has developed Arjun, the main battle tanks. Even after many … Continue reading

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India Growth Story: Some Priorities

India has earned a rightful place for itself today. The developed West has realized it and also recognized it. It gets revealed even in the name of the successful Hollywood movie, ‘Avatar’. When China is moving on fast track of … Continue reading

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