Indian Kindle and iPad, But..

If I believe media, Indian techies have developed two products that can easily compete with Amazon’s e-reader Kindle and Apple’s tablet iPad. Unfortunately, I am not knowledgeable enough to rate them. I wish someone, who is expert helps me. I don’t know if the products would make the customers dance with excitement of satisfaction soon and invade the global market as the lead products- Kindle and iPad have done.

However, I welcome the developments because of my own reasons. Have the two got potential to become the useful gadgets that all educated persons will love to possess?

Many like me will like to use them as personal library that can be of use both at work station or during travelling or in bed room. For my professional work as manufacturing engineer and management I shall like it to store certain reference books such as all volumes of Manufacturing Handbooks, Production Engineers Handbook, and access to the technical magazines such as Manufacturing Engineering, Machine Shop, and American Machinist. For my off the job interest, I shall like to store in it, my most favourite books on Hindi poetry and short stories along with contemporary books such as one of NR Narayana Murthy’s ‘A Better India, A Better World’, Nandan Nilekani’s ‘Imagining India’, Gurcharan Das’s ‘The Difficulty of Being Good’, William Nanda Bissell’s ‘Making India Work’, Wendy Doniger’s ‘The Hindus-an alternative history’, or the books of management gurus such as Drucker, Porter, C K Prahalad, or Tarun Khanna.

Will some Indian agency provide that customized service for Indian customers of these gadgets Pi, or Notion Ink Adam? Can the service provider sell the idea of providing the e-books and e-magazines and news papers of my choice at a price affordable for me? It should be as simple as iTune for getting a favourite song in my laptop at a minimal cost. Will it happen? Will the publishers allow that to happen?

India is getting good at it. Example is the onslaught of telecom revolution in India that has provided the cheapest service as well as cell phones for millions.

I wish with Nano like price and frugal manufacturing, these gadgets Pi, or Notion Ink Adam get a brand name for Indian products globally and India’s potential for innovations gets recognized and accepted.

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