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Petrol Price Rise: Protest or Fuss

Once upon a time, say some 30 years ago, there were only two car manufacturers in India, each manufacturing only one model of car. Every time, the petrol price would increase, that too by a fraction of rupee, the car … Continue reading

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India Makes It in Manufacturing

A country that can design, manufacture and launch Agni V, RISAT-1 and Missile defence system has obviously the manufacturing skill and potential to get into the global market as a great manufacturing power. But why then India remains laggard in … Continue reading

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Recall Reaches India

Indians hardly had any experience of recalling. Maruti Suzuki has broken the record by announcing recall of 1, 00,000 of its A-Star cars manufactured before August 22, 2009 to replace faulty components that could cause fuel leakages. I knew about … Continue reading

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Toyota’s Recalls: A Shock and A Lesson

For every one who follows auto industry and particularly manufacturing technologies and practices, shocking news about the massive recalls of its vehicles including the prestigious hybrid Prius by Toyota has caused remorse. Over decades Toyota became a benchmark for quality … Continue reading

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Death (?) of General Motors-The Legendary Giant

IMAGES It is unbelievable to many like me but the reality too that can’t be overlooked anymore. GM will soon be declared bankrupt. General Motors filed for bankruptcy on Monday morning. It is the lowest point in General Motors’100-year history. … Continue reading

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