Finally, a Gadget that I Dreamt

I had been discussing and writing about my wished expectations from the e-books getting commercially introduced by many manufacturers. Perhaps the others also felt its need, and a gadget has come with the provision for changing the text, noting down the views and naturally highlighting the interesting portion. The news appeared in New York Times.

Macmillan, one of the five largest publishers of trade books and textbooks, is introducing software called DynamicBooks, which will allow college instructors to edit digital editions of textbooks and customize them for their individual classes.

Professors will be able to reorganize or delete chapters; upload course syllabuses, notes, videos, pictures and graphs; and perhaps most notably, rewrite or delete individual paragraphs, equations or illustrations.

While reading many books in last years on the contemporary subjects such as NR Narayana Murthy’s ‘A Better India, A Better World’, or Nandan Nilekani’s ‘Imagining India’, I felt the need of getting such books in e-versions but on a gadget with provision of editing and upgrading, so that I can change the data in the text of the books by the latest available or add my views at some point.

Fortunately, the manufacturers of the gadget can now integrate software as done by Macmillan. However, the customized inputs can come only from a service provider with commercial agreements with the publishers. With the hope of Indian Kindle and iPad appearing in the market, I wish some service providers do also appear.

One day very soon, a school child will go to school with just one simple, cheap, light weight, book size gadget that will have all the text books as well as blank exercise books on which he can take notes or solves the questions sent by the teachers for practicing the topic taught. And the device will reduce the load on the child carry every day. And the student will not have to pack the books while accompanying the parents going for a vacation. He will just carry his digital device.

Will the Indian techies innovate and develop the product of my dream and get into this lucrative business for the education sector with huge commercial potentials? Are the innovators of Pi and Adam listening?

The most important in the game will be the targeted price of the gadget. It must be based on Nano philosophy but for the large population needing it.

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