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Doubling “the income of farmers by 2022” or Farmers’ Earning Security:

Modi as well as Jaitley have promised to double farmers’ incomes by 2022. Many doubt it to happen just with provisions in the Budget. The questions relate also if the increase promised was for real or nominal. Further, the others … Continue reading

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Farming uncertainties, Suicides: Issues and Way-outs

Recent hailstorm and untimely heavy rain damaging the ready-to-harvest crops, death of Rajasthan farmer as well as the prediction of deficient monsoon has gone against the passing of Land Bill giving a emotional tool in opposition arsenal to hit at … Continue reading

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Controversial Land Acquisition Bill: Some View

Land Acquisition Bill for fertile agricultural land 1.(A) must restrict the temptation by the entrepreneur to demand adhoc and excessive land for the facility. (B)The facility must explore multi flooring and modular for future expansion. (C)The company must not treat … Continue reading

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Dear Mr. Chidambaram: A Reminder

I respect you as one of the best performing cabinet ministers and parliamentarians.Your speeches are so interesting and assuring. So I would have loved if you could have kept up the promises you made in your budget speeches. It would … Continue reading

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Indian Farming- Diversifying for Growth

If you wish to see how vegetable farmers or fruit growers of the country are changing their course and producing many new vegetables and fruits that were seen only in foreign countries, visit some Safal outlets or some weekly bazaar. … Continue reading

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Farming India-Some More Data

In 2011-12, Nitish Kumar not the chief minister but a farmer from Darveshpura village in Nalanda in Bihar produced 224 quintals (22. 4 tons) of paddy in a hectare using the system of rice intensification (SRI). Kumar shattered the world … Continue reading

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The Great India Farming

I have the personal bitter experience of the scarcity of food grains in ‘50s and 60’s when in Calcutta we lived on imported poor quality wheat and coarse boiled rice from the ration shops. Nothing was available in open market. … Continue reading

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