Worrying News and the Country’s Leadership

Worrying signals are coming from Tahrir Squares and Wall Sreets. Are the parliamentarians of the world hearing? Can the democracy accommodate such rebellions or protests? India has witnessed its manifestation in slaps and people’s protests.

Some recent news reports in India are really worrying and would have been taken up seriously by the politicians and parliamentarians. It deserved some serious discussions. I would have loved if they could do that in close door.

Protest against nuclear power plants, particularly the organized against the one at the near-complete Kudankulam is worrying. The prime minister himself has done all to take the help of the former President Abdul Kalam, the local religious leaders, and the atomic scientists of the country to explain to the protesters but has failed. The hold-up continues.Can a campaign leader SP Udayakumar be considered more pro-people that all the scientists and the former president?

How can a nation afford such protests against the important projects of the country? The people of the country will have to depend on the prudence of its mature knowledgeable technical experts. The rightists and politicians must not interfere, as it is being observed throughout the country. But more worrying is the news report that some foreign fund is in use to fan such unrest.

The recent labour strikes at Manesar plant of Maruti Suzuki and then it solution must be a cause of serious worries of the nation and its policy makers. As a new trend in aggressive unionism the workers refused to strike by remaining outside the plant. They remained in the plant premises and refused to leave unless the court ordered. And how surprising ununion-like was the solution that came out with the union leaders getting paid Rs 40 lakh each only for a few years of services with the company!

The use of thousands of school going kids made to sleep on the hot sand in the protest against Posco plant is something that the leaders of the country must think seriously.

Finally, how can the country find a solution to its image of the country as ‘the dirtiest and filthiest’ that Jairam Ramesh stated? Jairam must come out with some concrete plan to get over the image at least in next hundred years if not twenty. The policy makers and the administrators of the country must think over the proactive actions to see that happen.

If you go on allowing breach of the law and order norms, for example land encroachment all over the country, one fine morning even if you work for twenty four hours, you can’t solve the problem. The country must work steadily to improve the situation.
Unfortunately, the parliamentarians are neither working not behaving the way they should. The administration is on mute and freezed mode.

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