Promoters of ‘Made-in-China’

As reported recently, ‘From fancy lights, lampshades, Ganesha and Laxmi idols to crackers and other such sundry items, the market in India is surging with Chinese products and consumers seem to be making a beeline to buy these attractive and cheap items.’

And who are the promoters of this trade and threat for the local manufacturers, particularly the small ones, and artisans? They are the same unscrupulous traders who oppose Wal–mart and who opposed Reliance Retails to come up in Noida and other towns of UP. Unfortunately, the political parties are with them. Why do Indians become an easy prey to anything that is ‘foreign’? Here is an example.

IITs have created a brand and respected image even in US.

Instead of sustaining, developing and innovating an India brand and creating an exemplary image, a government panel of great educationists including some from IITs is visiting China to study their world class universities to improve IITs and its working.

I don’t envy China but I pity on Indian mindsets. Builders of Nalanda, Bikram Shila and Taxshila had not copied their models. India is already 60 plus years as Independent nation, perhaps older than China. How long will this inferiority complex of intellectuals of the country continue? Are these done for benefiting the nation or to serve petty personal interests of those involved, be it the traders or the professors?

And who all constitute this class of traders? They are the same traders who fake products, live saving drugs or adulterate food items. Do they not constitute those like that great professors of IIT Kharagpur who runs its own private institute from the famous campus?

While many like me keep taking pride in Presidency and IIT, those who can make it great try to damage it? How can India be a super knowledge power or great economies with most of those who matter have vested personal interest?

India can’t be a great nation by depending on the imported sanitary towels, papers and apples from China? It will have to manufacture and grow it in the country, as many are trying for it. Indians as consumers must support it and not go for those glittering and shining products in name of liberalization and globalization.

No one will rise against US or UK if they restrict entry of Indians and Indian goods in name of various restrictions because of its violations of the rights decided or framed by them. And again all those violations come from the same traders or the community of profit seeking leeches.

Why don’t some NGOs or rightists raise their voices against the trade practices that harm the artisans and local petty manufacturers, if they can do that against allocation of mines and acquisitions of land for building factories and roads?

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