Migration-Why is it bad?

Rahul has again raised this controversy for political mileage. According to him, the chief ministers of UP and Bihar failed to develop their states fast enough. It made the people of the states go to Mumbai, beg for some jobs or find other avenues of engagements and face humiliation. “How long will you beg in Maharashtra (for work)? How long will you work as labourer in Punjab?”

Why is migration bad? Why are the politicians trying to discredit migration and stop it? Will it be good for the people? Reduction in migration rate has become a parameter of efficient governance. Rahul’s political party gives credit to its MNREGA policy that has reduced migration.

Anyone, be it Rahul or the fundamentalist Sena leaders of Mumbai, looking down upon the migrants must stop and ponder for a while. Everyone here in India is a migrant. Their ancestors were migrants. Migration many times gives more opportunities. Look at the migrants from the backward area of Bihar and other places in India to Mauritius many decades ago. The decedents of all those migrants are today affluent.

Whatever I achieved in life is all because my grandfather migrated to Bengal, fought through all odds and at least provided a better ambience for me to get educated and established in life. I provided employment to many in Hindustan Motors just as workmen. Almost all are better off and their children are better educated and placed.

Today in India all the educated and skilled persons from any corner of the country migrate and move around to explore the best opportunity. The government must provide quality education and vocational training to every young men and women of the country, particularly in rural regions, so that they can get matching employment and engagement anywhere in the country.

I feel bad to find a huge population in rural India not getting quality education, large percentage of the school going children from deprived class dropping out from schools before getting any vocational training or skill that can make them better placed for the existing vacancies of job in the country or abroad. Those who are their well-wishers must provide the education and skill. The endeavour to provide doles through schemes such as MNREGA can yield only little benefit to the deprived class and will not provide a satisfactory living.

Migration has made the world better. Let the politicians must not meddle in it.Many may agree by my views on migration and urbanization.

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