Bangalore Visit: Some Social Engagements

It was after many years that I visited Bangalore. Main pull was from OP Khanna who has been a great host as we know him closely from HM days. Prabha Bhabhi was in hospital for a checkup but returned in time to receive us on Nov 3.I never knew that our sweet Mini lives in the block across the road. I had never met Niranjan and Slok, the husband and the son of Mini. I was so happy to know that Mini has quit his job for some months, as Slok wanted her to be around him till he appears for his class X examination. Niranjan as usual these days remains engaged for long hours in his office. It was a pleasure to talk to Mini as well as Niranjan on various issues including Ramayana and the history and mythology related to Hampi.

Prabha really appeared sick. She is acutely diabetic. We feel the present life style may be one reason. With OP Khanna keeping himself excessively busy with his NGO works, she remains alone for most of the day. It must be torturous at this age. I tried to motivate her to be happy. I wish it could have been so easy. Mini certainly takes care of her when she needs that.

OP Khanna is doing wonderful work for the heart patients of the deprived class who can’t afford the costly heart surgery. He is also engaged in various professional bodies such as Institute of Engineers, Institute of Production Engineers and International Rotary Club. His house has become a museum with awards and various recognitions that have come to him.

OP and Prabha are organizing a unique get-together for the blood relations from the both sides in mid November to celebrate the birthday of Prabha. All the members will assemble in Bangalore. OP has arranged accommodations in the serviced flats of Diamond Districts. Then the group will move to a place on the border of Karnataka and Kerala, live and move around to various places of interests for two days and depart. Perhaps that can be the best way for keeping the family bond active and growing.

We could meet and visit Sarvesh Upadhyaya whom I had come to know only through my blog and face book through his comments. Sarvesh was good enough to arrange my place of stay and vehicle for our visit to Hampi. He knows many of my relatives and comes from a village known to me.It was very homely hospitality at his place with his wife preparing the dinner of our choice and the two little fairies of Sarvesh and Asha providing us with the sublime entertainment too. Another fan of my blog came to his place to meet me. And Sarvesh also could make me talk with Chandrakant Singh who has set up a tech savvy school in Gopalgunj Bihar.

It was only Sarvesh who could take us to the residence of Khushboo, the daughter of Dr. KrishnaTiwari, who is the first female engineer in our extended family and works in Bangalore with her husband. We could not have located it easily with cab driver. For some time now, Krishna is living in Bangalore for the treatment of his wife, Usha leaving his medical practice at Rishra. It was necessary to meet her, once we were in Bangalore. Usha appeared to be bearing with the treatment through chemotherapy pretty well. Krishna is hopeful and we all pray to the almighty to give Usha a long life. We could only say few moral boosting words. I could realize the agony of Krishna.

Though we wanted to meet many more close acquaintances, who are in Bangalore, it was not practically possible.

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  1. It was great meeting with you. Somehow I could read this post today. It was great honour to spend few hours with you.

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