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Amar Bose- What Indian Professors can learn?

I wish IITs could have produced some teachers such as Amar Bose.And if I am wrong, let someone correct me. Bose was the only Indian name in US who was a great academician but for persons like me known for … Continue reading

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Manufacturing India-Car

With a sustained labour cost advantage and a working population estimated to top 850 million before the end of the decade, India is destined to become the second most competitive manufacturing destination globally, leaving behind countries like the US and … Continue reading

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Speech Recognition- Technology Brings Together

Anand has helped us in getting the web cam and the necessary software installed in my laptop. Today perhaps we are connected in best possible manner. Every week more than once we can talk and see each other on real … Continue reading

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Economist and Technology in India

Economist last week carried a commendable special issue ‘Technology in India and China’. The lead article ‘Howling at the moon’ talked of the Asian aspirations on moon mission. China’s Chang’e 1 satellite, launched in October, began its first lap of … Continue reading

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Digitizing India

Perhaps everyone who had faced the agony of getting the railway tickets reservation would have got excited with the facilities of reservation through Internet. The ticketing service of the world’s largest railway network showed the way. Today the railways’ ticketing … Continue reading

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Slate or Laptop

I don’t know if the schools these days use slate or not, even in lower classes. But I used it extensively during my school days. That was the cheapest option for practicing math problems without recurring cost. Many a times … Continue reading

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Machining Industry Can Lead Indian Manufacturing Sector

Dr. B N Mondal, Head, Centre for Advanced Materials Processing, Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute & Secretary, Investment Casting Society, India had invited me to attend the ‘National Workshop regarding super hard material and its cutting (machining) application’ at CMERI, … Continue reading

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The Red Herring magazine on Thursday listed some of the top technology trends that will dominate the world of technology in 2005; 1.The end of Moore’s Law: Moore’s Law predicts new computer chips will be developed with twice the power … Continue reading

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