Raleigh and Gandhi

Saturday, September 25 was the birthday of Zach. It was an off day too for all. Zach is two now. Shannon had arranged a visit to Marbles Museum, a museum for kids in Raleigh that is the capital of North Carolina.

And you can see that on your own what the museum contains


Shannon has arranged a wheel chair for Yamuna. And Yamuna could be wheeled everywhere in the museum. US is one of the most handicapped-friendly countries. Every facility that Americans design meets the basic requirements for the handicapped. One can have a feel of it on every footpath, street corner, mall or shopping centres.

I took the wheel chair up to the entrance, while Shannon and Anand were managing the kids and buying the entrance ticket. To my utter surprise, I came across Gandhi, the father of nation for all Indians. Some local enthusiasts got installed this statue of Gandhi. I stood in corner to take some photographs. I found from among the visitors none even was looking towards our Gandhi. After the camera clicking, I moved towards the gate and waited to see if Anand and Shannon notice Gandhi. Surprisingly, they also did not rather they got a surprise when I pointed towards the Gandhi there.

But the place was a real interesting one for the kids to impart a lot of knowledge about many things placed in different enclosures dedicated to various subjects and to get entertained too. Kids were free to handle the things placed there in whatever way they wanted. And those accompanying them could also try hand and refresh some knowledge. With an entrance fee of $5 per person, it appeared to be a commercially viable too.

Both Emma and Zach enjoyed everything they came across, be it the model ship or submarine, or the railway system. Shannon found it useful enough to get a season ticket of the place for the whole year.

And finally we returned. But I have been pondering still how the sponsorers of the statue of Gandhi could have done a better job. How could the kids could have noticed him and known his name?

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