Presidential Debate: Utopian Promises

Who knows with the rest of the family there we two also may end up as American unless India bestow on us duel citizenship.  With that in mind I keep watching certain developments in US. Naturally, these days, the forthcoming Presidential Election is a hot item. Yesterday, the two candidates went for their first debate. Though it is not mandatory, but it has become an important feature of the Presidential Election. There are many stories about the same. Every American look forward for it. 

I was in US during the period of the last Presidential Election in 2008. As Anand and Rajesh were taking keen interest in Obama I could also learn about this aspect of American election process. The debates have become integral feature of electioneering in US.

I watched the debate yesterday a little after it had finished through u-tube. I also went through the transcript for a better understanding. Somehow Right from the beginning Obama was not in his best. He was fumbling and not putting forth his performance record or future plans very forthrightly. Romney appeared to be more confident and clear in his utopian conviction. While Obama remained with his focus on healthcare and education, Romney stuck to two points that might attract the voters more. He was clear that he will not raise any tax whatsoever and was against the idea of Obama’s plan of taxing the richer class. He also didn’t vouch for the cut in America’s defence budget to reduce deficit, as according to him that will jeopardize the American supremacy. Americans in general will certainly appreciate that.

Somehow, I don’t give much weightage to the promises and claims of the politicians . It hardly means much unless he goes for the next election. However, I liked the zeal with which Obama spoke about improving the science education of US. I wish Indian politicians take a lesson and do everything to improve education, particularly in rural India. How can India compete with other countries in world without having skilled and educated Indians?

In the night I really enjoyed a programme on ‘Time Now’ where Arnab Goshwami was discussing with a number of columnists and intellectuals about emulating the American system of  debating in Indian electioneering. It will certainly be interesting but with many like Manmohan who love to be in mute mode, there is hardly any hope of it getting in our election campaign.

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