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Manufacturing India and Modi

India can’t get a better person than its PM himself to inspire Indians and India to get back on the right track to take the country ahead as a global manufacturing power. His speech from Red Fort on 2014 Independence … Continue reading

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Budget and fast implementation

Many welcome news are coming from various ministers. Smriti Irani, while getting critical views from the leftist historian Romila Thapar, has appealed to all the directors of IITs to mentor some engineering colleges in the vicinity. If executed with concern, … Continue reading

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Powering India- Solar way

“Q: What are your plans for promoting solar power? A:We want to wait and see what happens to the commerce ministry’s decision to impose anti dumping duty on import of equipment. We have requested for the review. However, we have … Continue reading

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Educating India- Some Good and Some Shocking Aspects

I would have loved if Smriti Irani would have gone to establish one of the three types (Kendriya, Navodaya, and Kasturba) of schools in every block of the countryside instead of talking about ‘One IIT and IIM in every state‘. … Continue reading

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Let India celebrate the arrival of Modi

It is a historic victory for a political party and its hero who made it happen. And it is same perhaps for the nation too. Modi’s rise against many internal obstacles from some senior most leaders and the desertion of … Continue reading

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Manufacturing India: getting murdered

While every one from the incumbent economist prime minister to the prime minister designates has been talking loudly to focus on the manufacturing, the Indian manufacturing has been getting killed systematically through hyped globalisation, free trade agreements and also by … Continue reading

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Manufacturing India : Despair or Hope

Even with all the gloom of Indian slowdown affecting, India has some attractiveness and India story is tact for some. As reported, “The rupee’s drop is making India a more attractive destination amid rising wages in China and labour strife … Continue reading

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India’s State of Economy

Does it help India if its prime minister says, days after days, months after months, years after years, India is not the only country hit but all emerging markets have been hit or for that matter, the present situation is … Continue reading

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Falling Rupee vs. Sonia’s Food Bill

For Sonia Gandhi, Food Security Bill is important as a means to win the forthcoming general election even after all scams of her government and not the unprecedented falling rupee deteriorating the image of India in the domestic market and … Continue reading

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How can PM excel with FMs failing?

I am fortunately in US, otherwise I would have been highly depressed. With grandchildren at hand, I can bear all the worst that I come to read from Indian media sites that I can access from here about the great … Continue reading

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