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Mid-day Meal scheme: My Views

The story of mid-day meal scandal in Bihar was just shocking. And more shocking were the stories from different parts of the country that appeared in media just after that incident. However, why does it happen in India so often? … Continue reading

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Manmohan’s Era: Vote vs. Growth

I don’t blame Manmohan Singh. This government failed to do much during its last 9 plus years. It must be a great opportunity lost for a person if he is of a mental faculty of Manmohan Singh. But it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Himalayan Deluge:some views

Indian defence forces have completed the evacuation of pilgrims. As claimed, it was the biggest such operation by the forces. However ever, as it appears, we as nation have never learn any useful lessons and do hardly plan and take … Continue reading

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Manufacturing India: MNCs

MNCs entered colonial India some even in late nineteenth century as traders. After independence, many got out, but some continued and set up its manufacturing plants in India. Scores of new ones have come in. For example,in 1888 Lever Brothers … Continue reading

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Cheating Chits: From Sanchayita to Saradha

Chit fund had been cheating the greedy or needy poor as well as rich equally since time immemorial. Everyone wishes to earn some extra money or make fast buck. I have still few certificates of Sanchayita that my clerk while … Continue reading

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Dear Mr. Chidambaram: A Reminder

I respect you as one of the best performing cabinet ministers and parliamentarians.Your speeches are so interesting and assuring. So I would have loved if you could have kept up the promises you made in your budget speeches. It would … Continue reading

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School Cheating: Lessons from Atlanta

I have been contemplating to suggest some ways and means to motivate the school teachers of rural government schools for performing better and to devote time and energy in teaching their students. Even after providing for the infrastructural shortcomings of … Continue reading

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India: Some Data on Healthcare

Healthcare and education facilities still are dismal and nightmarish in rural India. Even if one has strong emotional attachment to his or her sweet village home in rural India, he or she can’t execute the call of the heart because … Continue reading

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Bihar Must Replicate its Success Story

Bihar under Nitish has done extremely well if I base my assessment on the reports appearing in print media over a period. A report on its polio eradication programme is an example. Bill Gates, who participated in that through his … Continue reading

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Cabinet Portfolios and the Reshuffle

Cabinet Portfolios and the Reshuffle According to the government and main ruling party, the cabinet reshuffle on Sunday was a major one and unprecedented too. Yes, it was, because for the first time in so big a democracy, it was … Continue reading

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