Let India celebrate the arrival of Modi

It is a historic victory for a political party and its hero who made it happen. And it is same perhaps for the nation too.

Modi’s rise against many internal obstacles from some senior most leaders and the desertion of the leaders of the important allies, were reasons of concern. And the strong opposition from a group of intellectuals created doubts. But as the campaign progressed, Modi kept on moving up stronger and stronger. His varying solutions for the malice of the country appeared refreshing to the younger generation, his appeals became more and more attractive. And then his best support came from the so-called leaders of opposing parties of all hues, and all levels: Sonia, Rahul, Khurshid, Jairam, Kapil, and even pigmy Beni and Rasid of Congress; Lalu, Nitish, Mulayam, Azam, Mayawati and even Pawar went on demonising Modi and his party. Even those who were thought as prospective allies and whom Modi had spared criticising such as the queens of Tamil Nadu and West Bengal got scared soon and joined the opposition against Modi. That only helped him.

The rise of AAP of Arvind Kejriwal with the disproportionate media support further raised concern as the majority of its supporters were the same whom Modi addressed for backing him. But as fortune favours the brave, the single decision of Arvind quitting Delhi made the difference. Soon many supporters got disenchanted even without any interventions from Modi or BJP.

The best aspect of Modi’s campaign was that he got mellowed and refined with every success. Modi came out with some new issues and in more emphatic manner in every next rally. His appeals appeared genuine, his slogans created waves.

However, no one, perhaps not he himself, would have thought of such pan India overwhelming support from urban-rural India, from all classes, rich and poor of society. I am particularly happy that the voters from UP and Bihar came out to the need of hours forgetting their castes that they were famous for.

Let the caste and community that differentiates die and each and every family becomes prosperous enough with opportunity for all with the right support for really deserving and needy.

Was it a vote against Congress created nightmare or for the dream of development and hope sold by Modi? Many may rightly believe that ‘Mr Modi’s victory is more due to a negative vote against Congress than a positive vote for the BJP’.

But let us not diminish the achievement that Modi brought through his leadership with these things. Let us celebrate the win and change, and pray and work for a great India to emerge. Let the hopes of millions of Indians living in the country or many distant land not be belied.

I wish Modi keeps his team of young men and women that helped him in managing the campaign from the back office alive and active to assist him in building the nation with feedback and new ideas along with the teams of expert advisors in different fields.

The people have been responsible by giving the clean majority. Let their leaders now prove that they can deliver.

Good luck! Narendra Bhai !

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