How can PM excel with FMs failing?

I am fortunately in US, otherwise I would have been highly depressed. With grandchildren at hand, I can bear all the worst that I come to read from Indian media sites that I can access from here about the great fall of Indian Rupee and Sensex.

I got a shock of life after reading the prime minister’s speech on Independence Day that I would have also in India. I failed as I could be on internet at right time. I do’t find any use of watching it after reading the speech for a person with zero oratory skill and impression-less face.

Why should a prime minister keep on comparing some few performance data of his time period with that of Atal Bihari Bajpai who was the first only person of opposition party to rule the country? For example, “In 2004, only 7 percent of the people had telephone connections. Today, 73 percent enjoy this facility. In rural areas, this figure has gone up from 2 to 40.” Would not the prime minister give an inspiring speech that can keep the hope alive with more details on ways and means to revive back the economy? And if at all Manmohan is concerned about the present condition, why didn’t he take the proactive steps to avoid today’s situation? How can the present finance minister blame indirectly the previous finance minister for the failure caused by some policies enunciated by the subject finance minister?

Will Manmohan give back to the new government likely to be of other party a good strong economy that he got from the NDA which his the then finance minister confessed publicly? If Manmohan has belatedly taken certain steps to correct the track why can’t some implementation be expedited as required for say a national financial emergency? Many economists are pronouncing that India is fast moving to an economic misery of 90s. Why can’t a special session of parliament discuss the issues related to dismally slowing economy and what measures the government has taken to build a consensus with opposition on this national crisis-in-making? How can the nation keep on believing that the economist prime minister can save it from the crisis or only his finance ministers are responsible for the misery?

Has the prime minister forgotten all the lessons of economy because his boss will neither replace or sack him? How can a country afford to have prime minister that does not act and don’t rightly advise his ministers?

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