Budget and fast implementation

Many welcome news are coming from various ministers. Smriti Irani, while getting critical views from the leftist historian Romila Thapar, has appealed to all the directors of IITs to mentor some engineering colleges in the vicinity. If executed with concern, it will have multiplier effect on the quality of output of engineers graduating from those colleges. I wish she also pronounces the progress made. Gadkari is moving fast to restart the many road projects worth more than a lakh that are held up, soon. Gadkari further has promised to speed up the road construction to 30 kms per day. And that will mean 27,000 kms of highways by this government even if he considers 300 days in a year for just three years.

After all the announcements in various documents of different platforms, all the executive machinery must focus on fast implementation.

1. All the ministries must cut its flab of expenditures even without waiting for the report of the Expenditure Management Commission (EMC) that is to submit an interim report by year end to help in subsidy rationalisation and enhance the efficacy of public outlays. For a real change to come, the ministers must discuss cost-cutting, productivity and operational efficiencies. It is never late to learn. I wonder if the ministers and implementing bureaucrats get the assistance from the best brains on the subject even if it meant its import from private sector or abroad. They must appreciate the cost of poorly designed projects and that of inordinate delays.

2. The common people like me and many were expecting the government to identify and list out some visible acts and projects that will make the people to perceive the government working hard and efficiently to develop the country . By the end of 100 days, the new government must let the nation know at least 100 priority projects with its target and what percentage of the same will be completed by the end of first, second, third and fourth year. The country men will like to see the progress on ground. A special website will be the requirement.

I wish the government sees the reason behind this, as that will differentiate this government from the previous ones. All Indians are hankering for seeing the progress on projects such as bullet trains between Mumbai and Ahmedabad or dedicated freight corridors, or for that matters the improving cleanliness all over India and clean Ganga. Indians will judge the government on basis of bringing the promised IITs, IIMs, and AIIMS in operation before the next election in 2019. Indians will not wait for five years to see the progress on promised actions of improvements, so they must be constantly informed.

3. As reported, if the government succeeds in getting amended various contentious labour legislations as initiated by Rajasthan, and strikes at the much-dreaded inspector raj successfully, it will certainly improve the poor perception about India as destination for operating an enterprise and doing the business.

4. The ministries will have to be proactive. The announcement of 49 percent FDI in defence production or lifting of the need of licences for manufacturing many defence equipment may also require special efforts from the concerned ministries to persuade the prospective investors to come and establish the manufacturing facilities. Perhaps foreign affairs ministry through embassies and consulates will have to work for marketing the potential of India. Perhaps, Modi will have to discuss with the heads of Wipro, HCL, or Airtel why could not they expand the manufacturing of hard wares that they were already manufacturing and why did they abandoned manufacturing or hived off the business. Manufacturing will require something more than just policies to become competitive. Modi may have to motivate all the manufacturing PSUs such as BHEL, BEL, or BMEL to become world class giants in its fields, may have to encourage them for developing products of world class quality and to target exporting at least 30 percent.

5. Ministers such as those in Telecom, Aviation, or Heavy Industry must stop providing budgetary support to PSUs instead they must a clear signal to perform or perish. PSUs must not be supported year after year to live on their inefficiencies. Why should not BSNL or MTNL take up the task of reaching the target of connecting all cities, small towns and rural India with high speed broad band? Can’t India tap the potential of IT sector and its talent by providing the world class digital connectivity? Indians, particularly the young users, will certainly expect India to have world class infrastructure in this field from tech- savvy Modi. Why should not Modi government fast track the national optic fibre network (NOFN) ?

Let the government perform with a missionary zeal.. Implementation……Implementation …….. Implementation…

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