Educating India- Some Good and Some Shocking Aspects

I would have loved if Smriti Irani would have gone to establish one of the three types (Kendriya, Navodaya, and Kasturba) of schools in every block of the countryside instead of talking about ‘One IIT and IIM in every state‘.

It will be better if all the new IITs, IIMs and other institutes of higher learning and research already initiated earlier are put in full operation along with the prestigious Nalanda International University and all central universities.

However, there seems to be some interesting reasons for me to back Irani’s project. With a craze for getting these alumni of IITs and IIMs engaged in the activities such as election campaign of political parties and most of the engineers joining financial institutes or starting e-based businesses, perhaps the need of getting larger number of these graduates is imperative.

I wish the new government could also think of the ways to retain the engineers from these institutes in engineering engagements, endeavours and enterprises.

And IIMs must make experience of at least five years as one of the basic requirements for admission. Perhaps, it will then discourage IIT engineers from entering IIMs. It would have benefited engineering companies. Indian manufacturing companies could have produced some really globally accepted products. I really feel shocked after hearing that one of my acquaintances from electronics or electrical branch joined IIMs and then a bank. The companies in engineering sector must become attractive enough for the meritorious engineers too.

It was heartening to hear from the IITJEE topper of the year about his wish for a career in research. However, I don’t know if he shall be able to keep that mission in place after four years at any of the IIT campus. And I also felt bad after knowing that he had also gone to Kota and sought coaching.

Anand Kumar of Super 30 of Patna continues with his success rate. But he would have made it at least a Super100 with increased number of IITs.

But the most shocking news related to higher education comes from MP. As reported, “MBBS students from neighbouring states (called “scorers”) would be engaged as impersonators for weak students from MP. Seating arrangements inside the hall would be adjusted to ensure that the “scorer” sat next to the student who copied the answers. Another way involved leaving the OMR sheets partially blank so that they could be filled later at MPPEB headquarters.”

Why should such misdemeanours be not treated as criminal and all the accused placed under life imprisonment beside making all the examinees barred from practising medical profession life long.

Education must get attention from every side of the society. Will Indians be good enough to keep this sector at least a corruption-free one?

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