A Day when in New York

As usual I get up pretty early in the morning. It has continued here too. And even with the constraints of my poor eyesight, I sit on the laptop and waste some time. Actually I have hardly an interest in American politics so I don’t go for browsing news so early in morning. I enjoy making tea when all others in the family are still sleeping.

Rajesh lives in Little Neck in New York. It’s a locality with Korean and Chinese as landlords. The architecture of the independent houses is a mix. Rajesh’s landlord is a nice Korean with farming background. He has kept a big enough backyard where he grows different vegetables for his own consumption. He hardly buys any from regular shops. But as the Korean cooks, we get some pungent smell. Shephali sometimes uses incense sticks to make it tolerable.

I enjoy my morning walk the most in US because of the cleanliness, greenery and flower beds along the user-friendly pedestrian paths that one finds everywhere in US.

From Little Neck, New York

Unfortunately, Noida though relatively new have not been able to build pedestrian paths along its streets and has hardly bothered to keep its vacant land green. I really get morose when I go out there for my morning walk. Even Svanik who is hardly about 8 pointed this out. He really pointed out the missing pedestrian path and trash bins in Noida. He was also wary about the dust and dirt in the Noida air and kept on closing the main door.

However, in this part of New York, the cars remained lined along the street as it is in Noida, though many a houses are having its own garages. The domestic trashes are placed outside by the residents in disposal bags and taken away once in a week. It’s is certainly easier because of proper town planning.

During my morning walk I hardly find anyone but few kids, sometimes with their mothers going to the local schools. I go up to North Mills School where Svanik goes and stand for some minutes at that crossing watching a woman assisting the kids in crossing the road. Rajesh takes Svanik in car.

After returning from morning walk, we go for breakfast that hardly requires an Anil or any cooking. Microwave heats up the milk and varieties of tempting cereals do the rest. And around the time corresponding to 8PM in India, my iPad provides me the services of my favourite news programmes of NDTV 24×7.

We finish our lunch by 1.30PM or so. Rajesh brings Svanik from school by 2.30 PM. He keeps on playing alone with various gadgets and watching his shows on TV. I sleep for a while and then get up to go on my laptop that has by then the Indian newspapers of the next day on its sites. It happens when the people in India are sleeping. Internet has certainly bridged the distance and brought loved ones face to face. Today many of the family members who matter are on Skype. Perhaps every day some new developments are coming up in the field.

Unfortunately, Shephali got a sprain in her leg right on the first day we arrived in New York. Medical care in this country is far below our expectations.

However, we went out in the afternoon or evening on some days, be it to East River or Brooklyn Park in Manhattan area, for a movie like Avengers, or for a dinner in Indian restaurant, Diwan.

This will be perhaps the last time we are in this area. Shephali and Rajesh are shifting to Austin in June. Shephali will do his fellowship in psychiatry and Rajesh as usual will be working for his company in California from home.

While returning to India in August we shall have to remain in airport itself before boarding Air India, if the airline resumes working. We are worried about the possible inconveniences. Why can’t the employees be put behind the bars for causing the monetary losses and immense mental agonies to so many innocent customers?

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