Wanted a President for the most populous Nation!

The nation is going to have a vacancy for the highest post its constitution has created. The incumbent president made the people to rethink if the majority party be allowed to select a similar person loyal to the first family or someone big enough for the post is searched. Should the person be political or apolitical? While Dr. Rajendra Prasad could be a benchmark for political president, Dr. Radhakrishnan would certainly be called the best among the apolitical ones with Dr. Abdul Kalam closely following him.

Though the president of the country is just decorative one but in some political situation, he may be required to play a very critical role. With the end of clear majority for one political party in Lok Sabha election, his role becomes very crucial. And that is the reason for getting a person loyal to the party in race becomes necessary. Many past presidents expressed their difference with the then prime minister and caused political concern.

In the recent past, Abdul Kalam though a technocrat by training, proved to be a very good president. His name came again this year. However, Sonia still doesn’t back his candidature. She will not leave any stone unturned to bring in a loyal president who can play a favourable role after the crucial general election in 2014.

In a shrewd political move, Sonia could push the first woman president, incumbent Pratibah Patil in Rashtrapati Bhawan. She could have certainly selected a better woman candidate. But stranger was the naming of an old hardcore politician by the main opposition party making the win of the incumbent easier.

It’s strange that the media or the elite groups of the country hardly debate the issue seriously. The activists and intellectuals could have suggested some names as the best choice for the post. However, in absence of any such move, the election will remain a total political event. BJP does hardly matter with its getting an untouchable tag because of its brand image of a party of the caste Hindus. Every other political party is ready to go to any length to appease the major minority community.

Sonia has not zeroed on any single name. Media speculates that it will choose between Pranab and Ansari. Left to Sonia, Ansari will get preference, she does hardly consider Pranab loyalist.

The major opposition party could have selected some names that could have divided Sonia and her allies. But I don’t expect that to come. Jaswant Singh is certainly not the right choice.

Why can’t the nation select persons such as Girish Karnard, Namwar Singh or RA Mashlekar, or for that matter the first family’s loyalists Sam Pitroda, V.KrishnaMurthy or Prof Yashpal as president? There may be hundreds of distinguished Indians in many fields who will be certainly better as president than the present president. However, none may be as lucky as the incumbent.

It is painful to see the whole nation as mute spectator, confused or helpless permitting the so-called representatives of the people taking any quality of decisions in name of democracy, be it on corruption or alleviation of poverty, growth or inflation, PDS or land acquisition.

Can the country go on moving ahead in spite of policy paralysis and without efficient governance?

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