Has Opposition been sidelined by Congress?

The whole country was discussing Lokpal, corruption and black money in last few months. But politically it appeared it as a summit of five ministers and five members of civil society belonging to Anna Hazare. Let me confess I did not know much about most of the members of Anna Hazare team, even Anna Hazare before his fast. There will be many like me. But over these months, the five have become nation’s icons.

Congress carefully and unscrupulously sidelined the opposition particularly BJP and leftists in this game on subjects of national importance. And there was hardly any hue and cry from them. They would have certainly demanded their inclusions. It was their democratic right.

The leftists were and are still demoralized with unprecedented loss in the recent assembly election, particularly in West Bengal. And since the disappearance of Atal from the active politics, BJP is confused without a clear head. Imposition of RSS nominated president has further damaged its creditability. It’s fighting its own internal war of Munde and Gadkari and issuing some totally nonsensical views such as one on the ailing Pakistani doctor.

Justice Markandeya Katju of the Supreme Court had requested Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to release the Pakistani prisoner on “humanitarian grounds” under Article 72. Why should BJP oppose it? Why can’ it keep quiet?

BJP rather NDA under Atal had already done some work on Lokpal. It could have asserted its position publicly on the line coming from civil society at opportunate time. It would have deputed its best spokesman to counter Kapil Sibal’s endeavours to steal the show as sole hero fighting against corruption.

I don’t know how BJP will participate in all party meeting on Lokpal Bill that UPA is going to call. UPA will try to thrust its version, but will be more than ready to incorporate some suggestions from the opposition parties to make it look a strong Lokpal Bill and take it to the people as one of its trump card for cashing in on their votes.(Here are the links for both versions-Read: Team Anna’s draft of Lokpal Bill) | Read: Government’s version of Lokpal Bill)

BJP, the party wishing and waiting to win the next general election, must set its house right and deal with this bill in a manner that can make it more acceptable to the civil society and the mid dle class who wish it more than anyone else.BJP must take its position on Lokpal Bill seriously. Its position may make a big impact. Why can’t they make its stand on the issues that have created breakup of the talk between government and civil society?

I can say BJP has much better spokespersons on TV these days, unlike repulsive ones from Congress. BJP must make its presence felt on national issues but must not get allured to give its views on every petty issue. It is better to talk less even as politician.

Why can’t BJP decide about the person who will lead the nation in next general election or go for a small shadow

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