News Channels Encourage Political Campaigning

Sundays are really bad for me. Most entertainment channels show crazy films or repeat of meaningless serials. However, I like two programmes on Hindi as well as English channels of NDTV- ‘Humlog’ and ‘We the People’.

But this Sunday I found Barkha Dutt’s replaying of ‘The Buck stops here’- an interview with Kapil Sibal who has singlehandedly taken the mission of projecting the members of Anna Hazare for the drafting of Lokpal bill as irrational and immature bunch of persons who hardly represent the civil society that they claim. Kapil Sibal had all the right answers for Barkha’s questions. On CNN-IBN with Karan Thapar, Kapil Sibal did the campaigning of the righteousness of the government’s proposal on Lokpal with the same aggression and enthusiasm.

I only question the anchors about the rationality of such a programme when the other side is not there to put up their views. For example, Kapil Sibal gave the rationale of not including PM and the high judiciary in Lokpal Bill narrating situations that can create problem for the country. For a lay man like me Kapil Sibal may be right. But then when I read the views of Santosh Hegde himself a judge, I appreciate the views of Anna group better. I am sure persons such as NR Narayan Murthy and many other have better understanding and they also vouch for the views of Anna team.

Why do the channel and the anchor invite a brilliant advocate such as Kapil Sibal to unilaterally campaign the government views at this juncture when the final meeting was coming today? Instead the channel could have asked Anna to send his representative to counter Kapil Sibal’s views. Alternatively, it would have invited some independent advocates such Ram Jethmalani or Harish Dave or someone else, if not Arun Jaitley on the programme, who could have questioned Kapil Sibal.

I wish the media design their programme to present views that help the people making their mind without any bias,

To me the prigramme looked like the long ad of Mayawati government that is being aired these says. Mayawati would have paid huge amount for the ad. Interestingly, Kapil Sibal and his party are getting it free courtesy channel ownerships for some unknown benefits.

However, I don’t think the government is going to agree to the views of Anna and his team, and will allow it to get the credit for coming out with an effective bill. All the ministers in drafting committee consider themselves supermen and have hardly any respect for the members of Anna team. Sonia’s curt reply to Anna’s letter replyimg shows her respect for any person who is on the other side.

I wish the people of India and aam aadami understand the conspiracy clearly.

PS: NDTV catches hold of Anna Team

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