Kapil Sibal- Rhetoric, Hyperbole or Simply Bakwas

I don’t know if there is any law that can prosecute a minister that too a rising star like Kapil Sibal for spreading falsehood that he has been doing with all his vigour as the chief negotiator and the spokesman on the Lokpal Bill. If there is any why should not some activists go for a PIL? As soon as he took over the telecom ministry he came out with his ‘theory of zero loss.’ Why should he not be taken to task when so many highly placed people are in Tihar?

On Lokpal Bill Kapil came out with many arguments why can’t the office of the prime minister be put under Lokpal and finally he roared to impress the public at large-“Which PM in office anywhere has been prosecuted in the world?” Rajinder Sachar, a civil rights activist and the former Chief Justice of Delhi in today’s lead article in Hindustan times has replied to all his arguments. And that was the reason that I had been requesting the media to arrange a debate between two equals for stopping Kapil Sibal’s bakwas to misguide the common men and women of the country. Sachar writes, “Sibal (is) not being ably assisted by his public relations officer. Otherwise, he would have certainly been told about the present Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, being prosecuted before a magistrate on charges of corruption. Earlier, proceedings were started in France against the then president, Jacques Chirac, for misappropriation of public money.”

Sachar further exposes Kapil Sibal: “The near contempt of the people protesting against corruption was shown by Sibal when he compared Hazare “to the Pied Piper of Hamelin (see images)”. Interestingly, Sibal did not continue the metaphor as those in the story who followed the Pied Piper were rats and children who were led to drown in the sea. So much for the aam admi being the repository of the nation’s hopes.

I wish every person interested in the issue of Lokpal Bill read Sachar’s article. And a person Kapil Sibal doesn’t deserve to be a senior minister. It is unfortunate that the government of Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi are encouraging persons like Kapil Sibal and Digvijay Singh for a wrong cause. As many say, Kapil represents Manmohan and Digvijay Sonia.

And now Law minister Veerappa Moily has come out with another confusing statement: The government draft on the Lokpal Bill had been “evolved” after the nine meetings of the joint drafting committee and would be one considered for further consultations. The Team Anna draft was “at best a dissent note”

One can just pity with the strategy of this government and the leading political party whose general secretary openly threatens Hazare to face the same what Ramdev experienced.

As Anna group approached Advani to explain their stand in the process of involving all the political parties, unscrupulously, the Congress party is branding Anna as backed by RSS and BJP.

The country men must ask Congress a simple question- how does it matter who backs Anna or Ramdev? The people will back those who can find the right treatment of the cancerous corruption and eliminate the black money from the economy that is causing immense misery for the aam adami. If RSS and BJP are antinational that Congress keeps on projecting, why doesn’t it ban them?

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