A Discarded man, also a Prime Minister

“Today is the 91st birth anniversary of PV Narsingha Rao, one of most learned among the prime ministers of India who laid the reform in economic policies that has made the country respected globally? However, the country expressed it through just a small ad in just one national daily. Does it not reflect on Manmohan and his character?”

After putting the above entry on Facebook, I tried to do some research. Rao was perhaps the most learned prime minister after Nehru. He was a great linguist. “His mother tongue was Telugu and had an excellent grasp on Marathi. In addition to eight Indian languages, he spoke English, French, Arabic, Spanish, German, Greek, Latin and Persian.”


I was surprised to find why Rao selected Manmohan Singh in a recent column in Times of India. “Rao wanted a non-political reformer at the centre of decision-making, who could be backed or dumped as required.” interestingly in one entry on Face book I have suggested the same for the forthcoming reshuffle.

Rao didn’t only get the Indian economy on fast track with many reforms, and gave the direction to the country’s foreign policy because of his experience of foreign ministry. Even in the political turmoil after the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, Rao managed to go for the full five years.

But why was he humiliated by Sonia clan? The simple answer: Rao didn’t keep Sonia in picture when he became prime minister. Why would have he done that?

One thing is but sure. Rao came from an ordinary rural family. Rao didn’t create a bank balance even good enough to lead a good life. He never promoted any of his offspring though he had a big family. H

Congress all these years had been a party of sycophants. Sitaram Kesari was another buffoon who might have conspired against Rao. After the death of Narsinhgha Rao, even as dead prime minister, he didn’t get the due respect. His body was not taken to Congress headquarter in Delhi. Is it not the meanness of the highest order of the persons responsible in Congress Party, and more so of Manmohan Singh who happened to be the prime minister, if not elected at least appointed, by then?

Manmohan Singh and his ministers keep on spending money of the exchequer on a large number of full page multi-colour advertisements from various ministry and government organizations on the birth and death anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi and Indira Gandhi. Does it not happen only to please Sonia Gandhi? Goddess Sonia never asks a question about this wastage in this country of millions of poor.

Do Sonia and Rahul consider that Rajiv has contributed more than PV and LB? How can the people of India keep on tolerating these dynastic extravaganzas?

However, party celebrations or ads will not make one bigger or one without that less relevant for the country.

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