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News Channels Encourage Political Campaigning

Sundays are really bad for me. Most entertainment channels show crazy films or repeat of meaningless serials. However, I like two programmes on Hindi as well as English channels of NDTV- ‘Humlog’ and ‘We the People’. But this Sunday I … Continue reading

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Manmohan vs. Sonia and Civil Society

All the maneuvers of congress leaders in last few days have come only for grabbing the credit of instituting anti-corruption bill called Local Bill that the country as whole saw going to the credit of Anna Hazare. Even if Congress … Continue reading

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In China Beyond Litti-Chokha

It is nice that Nitish is visiting China. I have read few reports on his China visit in Telegraph. Calcutta. He had promoted Bihar’s Litti-Choka for long enough. It’s getting boring now. Every state has some cuisine like that. That’s … Continue reading

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Nation’s Holy Grail of Hopes

The circuses going on small screen and print media for quite some time now would have certainly damaged the image of the nation around the developed world. Most of the days, it had been disgusting to watch or go through … Continue reading

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From Alto to Mini-Xylo: My Next Vehicle in Wishlist

I bought my Alto in 2000. It is wonderfully serving us. We are just two and senior citizens in all sense of the term. In Noida, it is difficult to live without a car. I don’t need a bigger or … Continue reading

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Manmohan, Anna and Ramdev-My Views

Interestingly, Manmohan government is excessively proactive for avoiding any breakdown of law and order situation at Rajghat where Anna is holding a one day fast today against the midnight police excesses during the eviction of Ramdev rally of Ramlila ground … Continue reading

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A Government of Coward Sycophants

The country has not witnessed such a bankruptcy of leadership and government here before. How can Manmohan, who sent four of its senior ministers to receive Baba Ramdev and who had kept on negotiating till 7PM, suddenly orders a police … Continue reading

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