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From Nano to Aakash

Four years ago Tata Motors unveiled the Nano (Images). Overnight Ratan Tata became an iconic figure of auto industry. India got a unique global recognition of an industrial nation with capability of breakthrough innovation. The world recognized India’s mastery of … Continue reading

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Gurus’ Nano and Sushant

‘Business Today’ in its nineteenth anniversary issue has articles from many management greats and gurus such as Tarun Khanna and Vijay Govindarajan: Tarun Khanna: Tata’s Nano, the first so-called ‘1 lakh Rupee’ car ($2,200, or close to this) and its … Continue reading

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Nano in News: Good, Bad and Indifferent

Nano’s launch was historic for Ratan Tata, Tata Motors and even India, the emerging manufacturing power. Mamta made mess. Modi became the rescuer. Ratan Tata proved every skeptic ones wrong. And now one can see little cute Nanos, though not … Continue reading

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Nano: Disgusting! Shocking!

All these years, I have been seeing the evolution of a reliable quality control and management system that prided me. Auto sector was the leader in making the system fool-proof. While the zero defect concept started with project such as … Continue reading

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Tata Motors’ Nano and Apple’s iPhone

Nano has been a benchmark of India’s innovative strength. Some called it as ‘triumph of Indian ingenuity’. The launch made waves across the automobile crazy population worldwide to a certain extent similar to what Apple’s product announcements make. As reported, … Continue reading

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