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India Inc Pushes Ahead With Green Technologies

I was extremely shore after the ministry formation for two reasons. Manmohan Singh couldn’t pick up some efficient young hardworking ministers for power as well as alternate energy. Both are complementary today and critical if the country dreams for becoming … Continue reading

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A PM for Power Ministry

Power situation in India has been grim for decades. I remember how in late 60s- 80s the dismal power situation at Hindustan Motors made our life miserable. Our task at the factory was to keep on closing and starting machines … Continue reading

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Green Technologies: Design for Recycling

“From 2010, the European Union has made it mandatory for all automakers to produce cars that can be recycled up to 80% so that the pressure on the natural resources is lower. Auto compnenets maanufacturers are abandoning the use of … Continue reading

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Growing ‘Made in India’

India’s big domestic market is reason enough for growing interest of MNCs to set up its manufacturing plants in India. Many companies of developed countries are entering in India’s manufacturing sector. Most of the globally known auto companies including commercial … Continue reading

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Death (?) of General Motors-The Legendary Giant

IMAGES It is unbelievable to many like me but the reality too that can’t be overlooked anymore. GM will soon be declared bankrupt. General Motors filed for bankruptcy on Monday morning. It is the lowest point in General Motors’100-year history. … Continue reading

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BJP- A national necessity

A strong opposition with countrywide presence is essential for a good democracy in India. As on today, it is BJP that can occupy the place. And the members of the party, its MPs, and its leadership must take pride in … Continue reading

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Educating in Australia- Fad or Necessity

The stories of assaults on Indian students in Australia did shock me like many. I have a neighbor, Grover here in Noida whose both sons have studied and now working in Australia. While the elder is married, the younger is … Continue reading

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