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According a survey based on some forty measures published in the latest issue of ‘Business Today’, Noida ranks sixth among the best cities of India and above the coveted Bangalore and Pune.

On the criteria for ‘Life at work’ Noida ranks number 2 with per capita income at Rs 85,519 per annum (9th rank) and employment growth rate of 14%. However, based on the parameters deciding ‘Life after work’, Noida ranked 22. About 95% of the Noidites live in their own houses (4Th highest).

On education front, Noida is pretty ahead. Educational institutes, public schools for upto class 12 and some with ‘International’ as part of the name are many. Hospitals calling themselves research institutes are also many. The highest number of seats for MBA and Engineering per capita are in Noida. Greater Noida is an education hub besides many in Ghaziabad and all along NH-24. Noida is pretty religious with temples or shrines of all sects and communities.

Surprisingly, Noida also has one of the worst literacy rates. Neither NGOs nor the corporate houses in Noida have done anything to see that all the children of temporary and migratory workers attend schools. With one of the most affluent population in Noida, I expected some formal or even informal education programmes for the illiterates elderly people.

According to the survey, power situation is pathetic. Nealy 50% of residents polled mentioned power cuts lasting 2-4 hours. Not a day goes without a power cut. I don’t know why the rich Noida Authority can’t build its own power plant or go aggressively for propagating clean energy such as solar among its residents.

Noida also has the reputation of being the crime capital of India with high profile murders, be it kidnapping of Adobe’s MD’s kid, Arushi murder case, or Nithari cold blood murders, kidnappings, and carjacking. None can be better to tell about that but us with three burgalry at our residence. Police is ineffective, and according to some it is one of the reasons for the high crime rates.

Noida has all potential to improve upon its rank. And some responsibilities lie with residents and Sectors’ Welfare Associations that elected. It requires only the change of mindsets at all levels. Almost all RWAs are run by people of vested interests mostly local builders.

Noida Authority (NA, the administrative body for Noida) naturally remains the main players. Unfortunately, the poll did put corruption in administration among the measures of poll. Many of my friends feel that NA might top on the measure of corruption. NA outsources most of the services of the residents to contractors of suspect characters. Naturally, it hardly bothers about the efficiency of such projects or the benefits from the projects to the residents. Perhaps the people of the country have lost the sensitivity for corruption as it has become so rampant.

However, I wish NA must engage some senior officer to look after the housekeeping and maintaining a good ambience all around. I don’t think it requires any further investment.

Can Noidites take pride in the rank of their city and contribute their own for attaining a better ranking?

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