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Democracy in Danger- the future prime ministers

RJD chief and Railway Minister Lalu Prasad with a host of leaders including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh celebrated his 60 birthday by cutting a “multi-layered” multi-metres long cake wishing him “long, healthy and successful life”. The celebration had all the … Continue reading

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Billion plus, but Short of Right Person

The undergoing process of selection for two positions: the next president of India, and the coach of cricket team, must be in knowledge of almost all Indians. The reasons are obvious. Indians are politically very active and knowledgeable too. So … Continue reading

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Booming and Bubbling India-IV

Economy grows at record 9.4%: Indian economy grew by 9.4% in 2006-07 against 9% in the previous year. Manufacturing grew by 12.3% in 2006-07 against 9.1% in the previous year, while trade, hotels, transport and communication grew by 13% against … Continue reading

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Booming and Bubbling India-V

India tops global markets with 26% growth: The Indian equity market has outperformed the markets of both emerging and developed nations for the past three months, growing at 25.87 per cent, according to the Standard and Poor’s May Global Stock … Continue reading

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Whirlpool-Massacred Noida-Summer

Last summer, it was Godrej refrigerator that created havoc. I was stressed as Rajesh with Shephali and Svanik were here in summer, and that too unfortunately straight from California. Godrej service facility in Noida kept me busy for a lot … Continue reading

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Desire Vs Super 30

Just after the young aspirants for entering the prestigious IITs got their results this year last week, a mutiny of a sort started in Patna. I came to know about it through media. Super 30 has become a global name … Continue reading

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Design ‘For the other 90%’

“The majority of the world’s designers focus all their efforts on developing products and services exclusively for the richest 10% of the world’s customers. Nothing less than a revolution in design is needed to reach the other 90%.” –Dr. Paul … Continue reading

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India’s Agriculture: From Abundance to Scarcity

As one with the experiences of the years of food scarcity in India as a kid in 50s and a young man in 60s, I was happy and proud when India became self sufficient about food grains. I was excited, … Continue reading

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Latest Trends in Machining in ‘My Writings’

Today, it has only one document on ‘Latest Trends in Machining’ practices. Machining and manufacturing has been my life-long interest. At one particular time, I refused to take over a higher position in hierarchy and responsibility to be nearer with … Continue reading

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Bihar: Some News, My Views

1.For nearly five weeks, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar didn’t attend his office at Patna Secretariat due to his wife’s illness and her subsequent death on May 14. The bureaucrats ran the government as the Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi … Continue reading

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