Whirlpool-Massacred Noida-Summer

Last summer, it was Godrej refrigerator that created havoc. I was stressed as Rajesh with Shephali and Svanik were here in summer, and that too unfortunately straight from California. Godrej service facility in Noida kept me busy for a lot of time that I could have enjoyed with Svanik, and many a times, it made me cry.

This summer we are alone but Whirlpool air conditioner that was keeping my ground floor bed room cool has ditched me, and more so the poor response of the service facility of the company that claim to be world class MNC. The a/c got its gas fill every year for last five years. The repair mechanics of Noida claimed to have discovered that the atmospheric pollution of the city is responsible for this, and the a/cs of all makes are facing the trouble. I don’t have any other means to check it. But with all the three brands – Whirlpool, National, and Hitachi, that I keep, it has been true. Why can’t the a/c manufacturers take care of this defect by improving the design and making that robust for the condition in Noida?

I got first the a/c gas charged as usual. But after few days, when the atmospheric temperature increased, it stopped cooling. I could get the call center number of whirlpool India Ltd in Noida. They visited and declared that the compressor needs replacement. Fortunately for me, it was under warranty for 1+5 years. The engineers promised to replace it and so lifted it on April 21. Since then the a/c is lying with the service center. I have tried all avenues and begged for all solutions including adaptation of another compressor at my cost, but have fail till date. I was surprised today when the man from service center very politely informed that the compressor is original from US. I don’t know if he is right. But that reminded me about the story of quality war going between China and US on food items that I read today in NYT. Perhaps, this is the reason that the automobile industry of US, and for that matter all the other manufacturing sectors are on deathbed.

But all these products are produced today in India. A responsive service is a necessity for growth of these manufactured items. If the products can’t be that robust, at least the service can be of a standard that eliminates the customers’ inconveniences. With some service a/cs with the service centers, the problem could be tackled. But why should they bother till there are customers lining for purchase?

Do these companies expect customers to keep extra a/cs with them to meet the situation that I am in?

Is there any one from whirlpool in my readers, who can help me?

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