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Nalanda International University- India’s Prized Project

I had been following the project of Nalanda international University closely and have some dreams about that. I have written too time and again. I was thrilled to see an editorial-‘Nalanda Redux’ in the ‘Times of India’ today. The Nitish … Continue reading

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Purdah, Veil, Gunghat Creates Problem

‘In Rajasthan, people still practise purdah. The practice came into existence during Mughal rule, when we had to protect our women from men. After that the Mughal rule came to an end, we got Independence but we still continue to … Continue reading

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Bengal First, Bihar Second

Many a times I don’t understand why don’t the leftists work on improving its performance and if at all they can. In West Bengal, the leftists are running the government for more than three decades. Wasn’t West Bengal was relatively … Continue reading

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Father’s Day

Today early morning when Shannon and Puchhu called me from US, it was still the Father’s Day there. Both of them wished me, though they had already sent e-greeting cards. The cards have gone really wonderful with those musical tunes. … Continue reading

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Booming and Bubbling India-VI

I had just finished my entry last week when I got a mail from Anand in US giving me a link that was on India’s automobile sector. And within seconds, I had another mail from Mithilesh Jha who is an … Continue reading

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Manmohan@3-III- an Evaluation

Many a times, one reads news such as DMK’s Karunanidhi, or Prakash Karat of CPM meeting Manmohan Singh on some issues such as inflation, disinvestments or the presidential candidate of UPA. Does Manmohan Singh play any role in these decisions? … Continue reading

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Can IITs Eliminate Coaching Industry?

I hardly receive any letter these days. However, today I found someone has placed a nice envelope in my letterbox. Out of inquisitiveness, I opened it and glanced through the content. It was from some ‘Concept Square- Total Commitment for … Continue reading

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Bihar Undergoing A Silent Revolution

The recently held election to 118 local bodies that ranged from municipal corporations to nagar panchayats, and involved a total of 2,864 posts in Bihar have been remarkable in many ways:   The election was held on a non-party basis. … Continue reading

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Dashawatar- A Communist’s Explanation

Generally, the communists never say anything rational about the Hindu mythology and the epics. It was surprising to read Sitaram Yachury in a lead article in ‘Hindustan Times’ June12, 2007 coming out with a remarkable explanation of Dashawatar (ten incarnations) … Continue reading

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Politics at Peak: Low Key or Merited

Perhaps up to yesterday, hardly few Indians knew who is Pratibha Patil. Thanks to TV channels, today Pratibhaji, the loyalist of Sonia Gandhi is known by tonight all over the country. Pratibha Patil is the candidate of the ruling government … Continue reading

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